Singing lessons IN BRIGHTON AND HOVE

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“The action of breathing is not only essential for taking in oxygen and getting rid of carbon dioxide, it supports many other body functions. The gut, liver and spleen are massaged by the motion of the main muscle for breathing; the diaphragm. Therefore good breathing mechanics are vital for good gut function; detoxifying the body of impurities; maintaining a strong immune and circulatory system. Relaxed deep breathing is reported to reduce stress levels and improve quality of sleep.


Singing can help to improve breathing mechanics. A teacher can help to break old habits like shallow breathing, using exercises that also improve the quality and control of your voice. As breathing mechanics improve, there is usually a notable positive change in posture.


I highly recommend singing lessons to anyone suffering from asthma or long term postural problems.”


Astra Grayland, BSc (Hons)Ost, Registered Osteopath, Brighton

"My daugher, Mia, has been attending singing lessons with Christabel Cossins for over 2 years now. It's the highlight of her week and her confidence has grown immensely. She's happy to sing alone in front of people and she sounds better and better each week."


"Christabel has taught me for 2 years, helping me with auditions for my musical theatre, competitions and pop songs with my guitar. She always helps me to find the right song to suit my voice and helps me feel confident to perform."


Wendy Maskell, (West Sussex)

Oscar, (Age14, East Sussex)

"Singing lessons with Christabel are always fun and my daughter's voice and confidence are improving every week."

Sue (mother of Bryony age 9), West Sussex

"I've been having singing lessons with Christabel for 4 years. I have enjoyed every one of them and it's built up my confidence in singing. Christabel is an inspiring teacher."

Ellie Blakely (aged 15), West Sussex

"I have been having singing lessons with Christabel for 4 years now and they have, not only helped my singing technique, but also boosted my confidence immensely. Each lesson is something new and fun to look forward to"

Leanne (aged 16), West Sussex

"The experience of singing has had a hugely positive impact on my life. It has helped me to cope better with life in general, lifting my mood, giving me more confidence, increasing joy and enhancing my all over well-being. Not to mention all the fun we have along the way! I would recommend singing to everyone who is looking to give their daily lives a real boost."

Gayle Van Der Poll, Steyning, West Sussex