Singing lessons IN BRIGHTON AND HOVE

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the lesson

One to one singing lessons in Brighton and Hove and Steyning are available. Most people have individual lessons which are better for working on your specific needs but group singing lessons are possible for those of you who are shy or would like to share the fun with others. Sing Out Sister Ladies Singing Group is every Monday in Steyning!

Singing lessons focuses a great deal on vocal technique and how to maintain good vocal hygiene - singing safely, how to preserve the voice etc. There are many vocal techniques that can improve your singing voice and with practice you can master them.


Public speaking and public performances  can be terribly nerve wrackingg for even the most confident person. Knowing your voice won't fail and that you have great vocal technique can make all the difference to your confidence levels. I've given singing lessons to total beginners that within 3 months of having vocal tuition are performing a song at their own wedding!


Confidence is fundamental to improving your singing voice, and so, another very important part of your singing lesson is confidence building, learning to perform confidently and learning to sing freely without judging and analysing your voice and performance.