Singing lessons IN BRIGHTON AND HOVE

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Hi my name is Christabel Cossins and I run Sing Out Sister here in sunny Brighton and Hove, Steyning and the surrounding Sussex area. I specialise in teaching women and children to sing and helping them to grow in confidence as performers - which often has the added bonus of increased confidence in life! As a professional singer and singing coach for over 10 years, I have helped hundreds of women and kids progress as singers and performers. With an emphasis on confidence, good technique and having FUN (it's singing not algebra!), I get results every time!


When people find out what I do for a living, the question I get asked most often is,

“Can anyone learn to sing?”

The answer I always give is EVERYONE can improve considerably with great technique and confidence! Why confidence? Everything is done better when approached with confidence and singing is no exception. Lack of confidence tends to lead to closed mouths, poor posture, an inhibited sound, less creativity and a tendency to judge your own voice which can really be a hindrance during a performance.


So, if you love singing and fancy yourself as the next big thing or simply want the confidence to join in with “Happy Birthday”, whether you are an experienced singer or an absolute beginner, singing lessons are a fantastic and fun way to improve both your voice and your confidence.


I’ve taught singing and performing arts to literally hundreds of children and many, many adults and this really is my passion - giving kids and adults alike the skills and confidence to follow their dreams.


Christabel is also a qualified Life Coach and NLP Practitioner